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How it works

PrettyLitter keeps tabs on your cat's health by changing color.

All cats are notorious for hiding any illness, so it's often hard to tell if they are sick or in pain. PrettyLitter makes it easy for you to know if your cat is experiencing a health issue before urgent medical care is needed, saving you money, stress and potentially your cat's life. Most common indications are:

  • Alkaline Urinary tract infection, kidney issues.
  • Acidity Crystal formations, urinary blockage.
  • Blood Internal injury, poison ingestion.

Why is PrettyLitter Better?

It's easier.

Prettylitter's formula makes it easier for you to use and clean your litter box. Its highly absorbent crystals do not clump, but instead absorbs moisture, traps all odor, and eliminates the urine. That means less work, no odor and less mess. Only scoop the poop!

  • Less Scooping
  • Less Dust And Mess
  • 80% Lighter

It costs less.

Did you know, on average, cat owners spend $22 a month on litter? That $11 bag of litter you buy only lasts on average 2 weeks. PrettyLitter costs less than brand name litter because one bag lasts longer. It works so well, a single 4 lb bag lasts an entire month per cat.

"I've been using this stuff since January, and I love it. One bag for one month with one cat is spot on accurate." Kristin A., Los Angeles, CA

PrettyLitter is cleaner and safer.

Did you know that clumping litter uses a chemical agent to create the scoopable clump? When your cat licks their paws the chemical expands within your cat's digestive tract. PrettyLitter uses non-clumping crystals made from naturally occurring minerals that is safe for cats, even if they breathe it or digest it.

  • Made from natural minerals.
  • Chemical - free.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Hear Directly From Customers

"Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough." Denise A., Carney's Pt. NJ
"I can't believe how spoiled I've become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love Pretty Litter. A lot." G. Gregory, Angier N.C.
"Let me clarify the dust bit: None! For me as an asthmatic, the lack of dust is absolutely essential! #PrettyLitterForLife" Beth Goodwin, Fort Stewart, GA

PrettyLitter lasts longer.

PrettyLitter's revolutionary formula means a single 4 pound bag lasts you an entire month. Unlike clumping litter, PrettyLitter absorbs and then eliminates moisture which means you do not need to keep replenishing your litter throughout the month.

"I started using Pretty Litter a few months ago, and I'll never go back to clumping litter. This stuff is awesome." Anna H, Mason OH

The best at odor control.

PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless. When in contact with urine, it traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture. With PrettyLitter, you'll never smell your cat's dirty business again.

"They took to it right away. I love the fact that there is no more smell!!!" Elizabeth C, Fremont, CA

Delivered straight to your front door, every month. Shipping is free.

No more last minute trips to the grocery store or hauling heavy boxes of litter home. Prettylitter simply arrives at your doorstep right when you need it. Cross that chore off your list forever. No more lifting heavy litter again.

"I've been using this stuff since January, and I love it. One bag for one month with one cat is spot on accurate." Kristin A., Los Angeles, CA

How it works


Choose your number of cats in your house.


A one month supply of PrettyLitter is delivered to your door each month. Shipping is free!


For each cat, fill your box with a 4 pound bag of PrettyLitter. It lasts an entire month.

PrettyLitter gives you peace of mind.

"Having lost my cat to an illness, it was a heart breaking experience watching her get ill without having been able to help her early on. I created PrettyLitter to give cat owners the power to keep daily tabs on their cats wellbeing."

Daniel Rotman CEO, PrettyLitter

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