Pretty Litter Protects Your Cat

The revolutionary, low-cost, lightweight kitty litter
that monitors your cat health.


One Month Supply of Ordinary Litter One Month Supply of Pretty Litter™
20 Pounds of Clumping Litter 3 Pounds of Highly Absorbent Litter
Two Monthly Trips To The Grocery Store Delivered Every Month To Your Door
No Health Monitoring Detects Blood, Bilirubin & Abnormal pH Levels
Dusty, Dirty Litter Dust Free, Feline Safe, Eco-friendly
Requires Scent Control Additives Odorless and Scent-free

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Detect Feline Issues Before Your Vet Does

Pretty Litter™ helps detect common and severe feline health issues,
allowing you to pursue medical care before they spiral out of control.

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