Revolutionary Health Monitoring Cat Litter

Your cat litter stinks…literally…that's why you probably found yourself on this page wanting to learn more about the litter that cat parents are switching to…PrettyLitter.

With so many varieties of cat litter to choose such as lightweight, ultra-odor control, non-clumping, and multi-cat it's hard to decide between convenience and effectiveness when it comes to picking a cat litter that's right for your home.

But why choose when you can have it all. PrettyLitter was designed to solve for all the pain points of owning a litter box.

So what makes PrettyLitter so great? Let's take a look…

Built-in Health Monitoring Helps You Save on Vet Bills

"Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough."
- Denise A., Carney's Pt. NJ

What separates PrettyLitter from other brands is its the first ever kitty litter designed to monitor your cat's health and detect illness early - simply by changing colors.

How does it monitor my cat's health?

PrettyLitter detects health issues in your cat's urine and the microgels change color if there's a problem. There are five different colors- yellow is normal, and red, green, blue, and orange indicate different issues like UTI's, blood in urine, inflammation, kidney issues, and more. It can even warn you about potential health before visible symptoms or pain occur.

Cats don't show symptoms until it's advanced so some of these things can be scary if not caught early. PrettyLitter gives you the peace of mind of knowing your cat is healthy. Plus…it can save you money on potential Vet bills through early detection.

The Best in Odor-Control

"No More Litter Odor!! I don't care what brand you use, I don't care how often you clean regular litter, in a small apartment, you will ALWAYS smell cat. With PrettyLitter... the smell is completely gone!! It is a great feeling to walk into your place, without a cat smell!! I was very skeptical, but now I am very satisfied and will be a long term customer!" - Robert A. 

Litter box odor is really the only downside to having a cat in the house. Their endearing cuddles and gorgeous eyes convince us to look past any other faults they may have, but odor is hard to ignore. While some clay litters try to mask the smell of urine and feces with added doses of baking soda or perfumes, PrettyLitter believes there's a better way.

How is this possible?

PrettyLitter works because it uses super dry silica crystals to absorb the liquid of your cat's urine. When in contact with urine, it traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture making the litter odorless and scentless. With PrettyLitter, you'll never smell your cat's dirty business again.

Lasts Longer and 80% Lighter!

"Dust: Let me clarify the dust bit: None! For me as an asthmatic, the lack of dust is absolutely essential!"
- Beth Goodwin, Fort Stewart, GA

Did you know the average litter box needs to be refilled every 2 days, and as a result, a single-cat household can go through 20 pounds of clay litter in a month?

Unlike clumping litter, PrettyLitter absorbs and then eliminates moisture which means you do not need to keep replenishing your litter throughout the month. A single 4-pound bag lasts you an entire month.

And because it's made with silica crystals, PrettyLitter is naturally lightweight, without any added cost for the convenience. Leave the heavy lifting for the gym and make taking care of your cat as effortless as possible.

Virtually Dust-Free

"I can't believe how spoiled I've become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love PrettyLitter." - G. Gregory, Angier N.C.

Dust from clay litter is a huge problem for people and cats. Clay kitty litter creates dust that can cause or exacerbate a cat's asthma problems. Additionally, pet owners who suffer from respiratory problems - like asthma, COPD, chronic sinusitis, allergies, and more - can be aggravated by dusty clay litter. If you or someone in your home has breathing problems, clay litter can worsen your symptoms anytime you change the litter box or your cat decides to kick up a little dust.

The lack of dust in PrettyLitter is noticeable, which is great for humans, but also good for cats who are prone to asthma. Dusty litter can cause upper respiratory irritation and asthma attacks in sensitive kitties.

Non-Clumping - Less Scooping. Less Mess (means more cuddle time)

The nitty gritty truth is that regular store-bought kitty litter is labor intensive. If you buy a clumping litter, you’re going to be scooping urine clumps and feces on the regular. Cat parents love PrettyLitter because it cuts the scooping by more than half!
PrettyLitter isn’t a clumping litter. Instead, it’s made of highly absorbent silica microcrystals. The microcrystals trap odor and bacteria and allow moisture to evaporate. The only scooping you’ll have to do is to remove feces. Since cats urinate more often than defecate, this means you have to spend far less time cleaning the litter box. Plus, no more messing with heavy, bulky clumps. Only scoop the poop!
Less work, less mess, more kitty cuddle time

Watch and See How Remarkable PrettyLitter Is

PrettyLitter is a subscription service that includes free delivery. Just let us know how many cats you have and receive the appropriate amount of litter every month. No more last-minute trips to the grocery store or hauling heavy boxes of litter home. PrettyLitter simply arrives at your doorstep right when you need it. Cross that chore off your list forever. No more lifting heavy litter again.

Delivered to your front door every month with Free Shipping!


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"I can't believe how spoiled I've become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love Pretty Litter. A lot."
G. Gregory, Angier N.C.