Detect Your Cat’s Health Issues Before It’s Too Late

New revolutionary kitty litter is like having a veterinarian check your cat’s health every day!

  • Health Monitoring Automatically turns different colors based on health issues.
  • Long Lasting Just 4 pounds lasts up to 1 month per cat.
  • Direct Shipping No more trips to market or overused kitty litter.
  • Lightweight 80% lighter than traditional clumping litter.
  • Odor Control No additives needed - keeps box odor-free.

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Compare One Month Supply Of Kitty Litters

(Actually, There Is No Comparison To Pretty Litter!)

Pretty Litter Ordinary Litter
Auto-Discoloration Helps Detect Blood & Abnormal pH Levels Does Not Detect Health Issues
Just 4 lbs. Lasts You 1 Month You Need 20 lbs. To Last 1 Month
As Low As $15.71 Per Month $24 Per Month (Approximately)
Convenient Monthly Deliveries To Your Doorstep Unexpected Trips To The Market
Dust Free, Planet & Feline Friendly Dusty, Dirty, & Potentially Harmful To Cats
Keeps Box Odorless and Scent-free Usually Requires Scent Control Additives

Save Money While Potentially Saving Your Cat’s Life!

Now you can detect and prevent small, common health issues your feline friend might have that would normally go unnoticed - and become life threatening and costly!

Benefits of Pretty Litter