The Fashionable Feline: Must-Have Accessories for Fluffy

Cat Accessories

Today, you can choose from a seemingly endless number of cat accessories for their beloved Fluffy, Muffy, or Sam. For cat lovers, their pets rule the world and deserve all those little extras that make their feline lives better. But before you buy out the store, consider which items are worth the investment. The following are some must-haves for your beloved cat that will improve your life as well. 


Calico Kitten Playing
Cat toys have evolved over the years, making entertaining your cat easier. For instance, the Bergan Turbo Scratch has a dense center that is perfect for a satisfying scratch fest, which helps keep your cat's claws away from your furniture legs. In addition, the Turbo Scratch has a ball that runs in a groove around the center, allowing for some feline aerobics when they are temporarily scratched out. 
Another pet expert suggestion is the SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel. A smaller version of a toddler's play tunnel, this apparatus allows your curious cat to explore in a fun and easy-to-store area. They will be entranced for hours. 


Cat Being Combed
Your cat feels and looks better when they are well-groomed; plus, your furniture cushions sport fewer cat hairs. In addition to your favorite pet brush and/or comb, try using the True Touch Deshedding Glove. This glove has soft silicone tips that feel like your hands to your pet. Your cat will enjoy being "petted" by you, and you'll enjoy eliminating their pesky shedding hair. 
Even the most devout cat lovers don't like cleaning out cat ear wax and eye gunk. Pogi's grooming wipes are gentle and effective at getting rid of these unpleasant substances while keeping your hands clean.

Cat Hygiene

Cat Brushing Teeth
The best hygiene gift you can give to your cat and to yourself is the Litter-Robot Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Everyone hates cleaning out the litter box, and controlling the look and smell of this essential item is not easy. With the Litter-Robot, your cat's waste is automatically sifted from the litter and pushed into a removable drawer. This covered unit keeps everything out-of-sight and mostly out-of-mind. 
A cat depends on their teeth, so any product that helps maintain their oral health is a must-have. Unfortunately, many cats don't take kindly to having their teeth brushed. The Bogart Anti-Plaque Finger Cat Toothbrush can help. The finger brush slips onto your own finger easily and lets you gently massage your pet's teeth. The texture is pleasing to most cats and is effective in removing decay-causing plaque. 

Cat Technology

Cats Looking At Phone
In addition to using software camera apps to monitor your pet's daily activities, you can use the Talk to Your Cat app to  translate your words into cat sounds. Rather than meowing back to your cat and hoping that you aren't butchering the language, you can use this app to speak authentic feline. 
If your cat wanders off, you move heaven and earth to find them. With the TabCat Pet Tracking Collar Cat Locator, you won't have to. This GPS tracking collar has a 400 foot range and a handset that helps lead you to your pet.
You can find a number of useful and affordable accessories that will make your cat happy and simplify your life as well. Cats are discerning creatures and enjoy their little luxuries. Bringing home these products will add some spice to Fluffy's life.
What luxuries do you spoil your cat with? Tell us in the comments below

Christine Whitt
Christine Whitt


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