Spring Clean Up for Cat Parents: Inspiration from Marie Kondo

Spring is just around the corner and everyone has been binge watching Marie Kondo. As you embark on your well-intentioned spring clean up, we have a few sparkling tips for the cat parents out there.

Even if you haven't (yet) binge watched Marie Kondo on Netflix, you've surely heard of the need for all the little things in your home to "spark joy" if they're going to be worthy of staying under your roof.

PrettyLitter Spring Clean Up for Cat Parents

While it's a great concept in theory, it poses a few dilemmas... like the litter box.

Not many people would say that area of the home "sparks joy," but it certainly can't go into the dumpster, either.

Until the lovely Ms. Kondo makes an episode dedicated to us cat parents, here are a few spring clean up tips that are cat-conscious.


Marie Kondo teaches us to rid our lives of anything that doesn't bring us joy. Now it's your turn to remove the things in your household that are causing clutter – and that could potentially cause your feline friend harm.

Get rid of toys that your cat is clearly not fond of (but don't touch the cardboard box it came in!). You'll also want to toss any toys that have become frayed or have hazardous loose strings hanging off of them as these can easily be swallowed or get hooked on your cat's tongue (no, really!).

If there are plush toys that do spark joy for your furry friend and they're still in decent shape, give 'em a good clean by throwing them in your washing machine with scent-free detergent.


The next step in the ultimate cat-parent spring clean up: sanitizing. WIth your home decluttered, it's time to get rid of the germs that like to hang out on all our frequently-touched surfaces – especially those ones your fur baby likes to walk on.

Spend a day sanitizing your home, starting with your kitchen. Oftentimes starting with a central place in your home can inspire a mood of cleanliness throughout and help you see progress as you tackle the rest of your home.

  • Clean out your pantry and your fridge (when was the last time you did that? We're all guilty.).
  • Disinfect all of your surfaces, including door knobs, drawer handles, and inside your microwave.
  • Wash and sanitize your cat's food and water bowls, giving them an extra round of rinsing to ensure no harmful chemicals are left on them.
  • Check the expiration dates on all your food and your cat's, including canned wet food and treats.

With your kitchen tidy, move on to disinfecting the surfaces in the rest of your home. Pay special attention to the places your cat likes to walk, like on top of shelves, the coffee table, or the table by the door where you keep your keys. Those cute pink pads have been in the litter box, you know.

Re-Spark Joy in Your Favorite Places

Now it's time to breathe life back into your fabrics, which are often our favorite places because they're oh so cozy. Our furry friends tend to love these soft, warm places, too, and deposit hair, dander, and bacteria throughout the year.

PrettyLitter Spring Clean Up for Cat Parents

Begin by vacuuming your fabric couch or treating your leather surfaces according to their manufacturer's instructions. Wash your favorite snuggle blankets, throws, and removable pillow sleeves, too.

Anytime you launder something your cat likes to snuggle up to, be sure to use a cat-friendly laundry detergent.

Make Time for Self-Spring Clean Up

You spend all year taking care of a 10-pound ball of fluff who demands your absolute loyalty and devotion. While you're in spring clean up mode, do something for yourself, too.

What sparks joy for you? Treat your skin to a face masque or a long bath.

If you're feeling that parental guilt we often get when our cats stare at us with their big gorgeous eyes, you can treat your cat to a spa day, too. (Just don't shave her!)

Ready to dive in to your spring clean up?

What are your best tips – Kondo-inspired or otherwise – for keeping up with the mess our kitty kids cause? Let us know in the comments below!

Rai Cornell
Rai Cornell


4 Responses


April 30, 2019

@kiki your comment is 100% awesome. @lisawchuck confused how marie kondo is contributing to consumerism when she is encouraging you to get rid of things that don’t make you happy. I have to say since reading her book I buy WAY less because I love my home so much without useless clutter.


April 23, 2019

I enjoy reading your articles and I save them for future referencing. Callie is my best friend, even though she is a Diva.
Thanks again

Lisa W Chick
Lisa W Chick

April 24, 2019

I am saddened to see another mention of this person/method here. I will order Pretty Litter nonetheless, but feel that this urge to ‘kondo’ everything is an overreaction to American consumerism and gluttony. Please leave my cat OUT of this neuroses!


April 23, 2019

Get a 100 lb dog with long hair….. You’ll never notice the cat fur ever, ever again!! 😹😹😹 Sparks so much joy for me! 😉

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