Singapura Cats - Little Voice With a Big Personality

singapura cat sitting
Hailing from Singapore, the Singapura cat is a unique cat with a little voice and a big personality. This energetic cat will have you wishing you could tap into their level of energy and will provide years of loyalty and fun.

The History of the Singapura Cat

In the mid 1970s, Hal Meadow and his wife had visited Singapore for four years through his work as a geophysicist. Upon his arrival to the United States, he brought with him five cats with brown-ticked fur. These cats were used as the foundation for a new breed - the Singapura.
Then in 1980, a breeder named Gerry Mayes found another one of these cats in Singapore and brought it home to the United States to entire into the program.
According to Catster:
Controversy about the breed arose in 1987 after breeder Gerry Mayes went to Singapore on a cat-finding trip and ended up finding importation papers indicating that the Meadows had brought the Singapura foundation cats from the U.S. to Singapore in 1974. The Cat Fanciers’ Association launched an investigation and found that there was no wrongdoing, and thus decided to keep the Singapura’s status as a natural breed.

Characteristics of the Singapura Cat

Crouched singapura cat
The Singapura is very unique looking. The size is quite small and this breed is one of the smallest there is - 4 to 8lbs is the average.
The Singapura's coat is just one color - a vibrant sable brown with an ivory undercoat, which fades to a slight beige on the stomach. The eyes however, come in a few variations like hazel, yellow, and green.

A Big Personality

One of the major things to know about the Singapura cat is they have a huge personality. While it has a tiny voice and is known for being quiet, their personality is 180 degrees from that.
Singapura cats love to play. They're very affectionate and retain their playful attitude even as they age. Picture a 10 year old cat hopping around like a kitten and you can get an idea of what this cat is like. Fortunately, they are considered non-destructive so you get the best of both worlds. But keep in mind that their playfulness is going to be non-stop no matter what their age so if you want a cat that ages gracefully, this is not one of them. Instead, they age with passion and play - and multiple cat households are just fine for this breed.
The Singapura is intelligent and oddly enough, they even get along as un-neutered tomcats, which is almost unheard of. Simply put, this is one of the most unique cats around and all because one geophysicist brought a few back with him on his journey to a foreign land.

Health Concerns

Singapura Cat
This breed of cat is fairly healthy. However, there is a recent discovery that they are more apt to get KPD, or pyruvate kinase deficiency, which causes anemia. There are tests available to see if your cat is a carrier, has this genetic trait, or is free and clear from any indicators. Even if your cat does have KPD, it does not affect their lifestyle. 
Have you ever heard of the Singapura cat and does it sound like the breed for you? Let us know in the comments. 


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Christine Whitt
Christine Whitt


5 Responses

Yolanda Rivera
Yolanda Rivera

September 20, 2019

I would like to know where I could find one or these beautiful kitties… I m retired…no grandkids and would love to give this special singapura my love… thank you very much!

maddalena Jancsics
maddalena Jancsics

September 10, 2019

I am searching for a Singapura kitty of my own I don’t need special features just a normal Singapura. if you have a Singapura fur baby not being adopted due to misperfection that’s the one I want. I’m not going to place him in shows no I just want to give him love and a nice home.

Kat M Stephenson
Kat M Stephenson

September 06, 2019

I would love a Singapura. I recently lost my indoor/outdoor Bengal to an owl. She escaped from the safety of home and got snatched by an owl moments later. I have three indoor cats, one being a Bengal, one Russian Blue and a 26 lb black blob cat. Lol sweet though.

Tom Folino
Tom Folino

April 23, 2019

I love this breed, as a single senior I’d absolutely love one. But, alas, I also know they are cost prohibitive for me. So I shall continue my admiration from afar!


April 23, 2019

I have just recently become aware of the Singapura cat and I knew right away that my next kitty will be a Singapura.

I’ve had cats my entire life and can’t imagine ever not having a precious purr baby. But, I have always had very large cats (ie: Maine Coone, Angora, Siamese…) until 12 years ago. My husband and I visited a local animal rescue and found a precious Russian Blue kitten that we immediately adopted. While filling out the adoption papers, we were informed that our new chosen baby had a brother out at the vet with a chest cold. We couldn’t separate brothers, so we adopted him sight unseen.

It was the best decision we could have made. Ruger Caligula turned out to be a true runt and full of energetic personality. At 12, he currently weighs in at 7 pounds. He goes everywhere with me and has made me a lover of tiny, but still large, purr babies.

I can very much see a Singapura fitting our family perfectly.

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