Everything You Need to Know About American Curl Cats

American Curl Cat

If you’re a cat lover and are thinking about inviting a new feline into your home, the American Curl cat might be a great option for you! We know that there are plenty of cat breeds out there to choose from and plenty of factors to consider when deciding on a new member of your household. Cats have different needs when it comes to their home environment and the kind of care they require so it’s important to choose one that will be a good fit for your house and lifestyle. Read on to learn more about the American Curl cat and what you can expect from this fantastic feline.

Background on American Curl Cats

The American Curl cat can be traced back to 1981, when a stray, long-haired black female cat with curled ears turned up at a home in Lakewood, California. All pedigrees trace their origin back to this simple encounter. She later gave birth to a litter of kittens, all showcasing her trademark curled ears and a new breed was born!

American Curl Cat Distinguishing Features

American Curl

The signature characteristic of the American Curl cat is the unusual ears. Which curl backward instead of standing up in a point like most cats. It is a medium-size cat weighing in at about five to 10 pounds and they live 13 years on average. The coat can be short-haired or long-haired and can come in any color or pattern. American Curl cats have long, plume-like tails and are generally well-muscled cats with a long body that helps them leap up onto high perches! Their curled back ears don’t affect their hearing at all.

American Curl Cat Personality

The American Curl cat is very lively and joyous and loves to explore. If you’re interested in a cat is sociable and good with kids, this might be a great choice for you. They are also capable of getting along with other cats and with cat-friendly dogs in the home. They love to play and are known for being slightly mischievous - opening cabinets and doors is one of their skills! Because they are such social creatures, they don’t like to be alone for long periods like many other cat breeds. This means it’s a good idea to consider your schedule as they can develop separation anxiety if everyone in the house is absent for long stints.

Caring for an American Curl Cat

If you are bringing an American Curl cat into your home, it’s good to understand a little about their needs. They are generally healthy cats but it’s always wise to choose a reputable breeder who provides a written health guarantee. Once you have your cat in your new home, one of the easiest ways to protect his health is to make sure he gets plenty of exercise and doesn’t overeat. Long-haired Curl cats should be combed twice a week to prevent or remove mats and tangles. The only other grooming necessary is nail trimming and teeth brushing unless your veterinarian recommends other care.

For cat lovers who are interested in finding a fun, friendly and interactive cat for the home, the American Curl cat might be a fantastic choice! They are very adaptable to new spaces and can provide a lifetime of loyal love in the right household.

Do you have an American Curl Cat? We want to know! Tell us your favorite things about them in the comments below!


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Christine Whitt
Christine Whitt


2 Responses


October 22, 2019

I have an American Curl baby who was found at a construction site here in Raleigh North Carolina along with two of her siblings last year. A 4th sibling was found a few weeks or so later. My little Risca is the joy of my life. I’ve always had cats, but never one like her. She just has that little something extra that shines through her eyes when she looks at you. When she was still very young I would carry her to work with me every day, placing her carrier on a chair right next to mine so that she would not be left alone at home with my older and larger cats. She would quietly sleep in her carrier til lunch time then she was ready to play and eat, etc for 1.5 hours til it was time for me to continue working. She would willing go back into her carrier and take a nap til it was time to go home. She loves to be picked up and will rear up on her hind paws for me to pick her up so I can carry her around while I do things about the house. She’s so trusting and doesn’t even try to hold on with her claws. She knows I won’t let anything happen to her. She loves to play and follows me around and if I get up in the middle of the night for something she often gets up as well to see what I am about. If all American Curls are like her, I am hooked :)

Jane LoPresti
Jane LoPresti

September 16, 2019

I have American Curls and they are truly Emotional Support Cats, as our first American Curl helped my daughter when she was 10 and having some emotional issues. They are very sensitive to their owner’s feelings and can sense when you need extra love and will give it unconditionally. Precious Curls

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