See how far PrettyLitter has come in helping cat owners monitor their cats health!
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Spruce Pets Review

May 08, 2019

Check out The Sprice Pets in-depth review of PrettyLitter!
PrettyLitter is featured as one of Real Simple Magazine's 'Little Helpers'.
Why do cats purr? The reasons will surprise you.

Best Bets for Pets

April 11, 2019

Daniel Rotman joins Michelle Fern of Best Bets for Pets podcast to discuss PrettyLitter.

Pet Age

March 05, 2019

PrettyLitter is an innovative cat litter that combines health-monitoring technology with eco-friendly low-dust crystal litter.

Pop Sugar

February 19, 2019

PrettyLitter will make any cat owner's life so much easier.


February 19, 2019

Trupanion names PrettyLitter the most convenient pet subscription box.

Pet News

February 19, 2019

PrettyLitter not only makes life easier for you, it could actually save your cat's life, too.

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"I can't believe how spoiled I've become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love Pretty Litter. A lot."
G. Gregory, Angier N.C.