October 20, 2019


Daniel Rotman discusses PrettyLitter's success and how you can become a leader in your industry.

Business Insider

October 17, 2019


PrettyLitter's Veterinarian in Chief reveals what veterinarians wish every pet owner knew.

Chicago Tribune

October 16, 2019


Cats are notorious for hiding pain and other signs of illness, PrettyLitter can help detect problems at an early stage.
See how far PrettyLitter has come in helping cat owners monitor their cats health!
Read Kat's story of how PrettyLitter helped save her cat's life!

Reader's Digest

February 19, 2019


PrettyLitter CEO & Founder, Daniel Rotman, is quoted as an authority in the field for the article "8 Sure Signs Your Cat Trusts You"

NY Mag

December 19, 2018


This (Actually) Odor-Free Kitty Litter Is the Best Thing I Bought in 2018


November 06, 2018


Colorful Product for Cats that Detects and Monitors Diseases

Oprah Magazine

August 28, 2018


Lightweight, anti-clump and odorless!

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